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A wide variety of Android SDKs are powered by Google Play services, which may be used to build apps, improve privacy and security, engage consumers, and expand businesses.

These SDKs are distinct in that your program simply needs to contain a thin client library, as demonstrated in Figure 1.

The client library interacts at runtime with the majority of the SDK’s implementation and footprint in Google Play services.

Google Play services offer shared, client-side implementations that:

aids in the optimization of on-device resources, like as storage and memory, to enhance the quality of your apps and the overall experience of your consumers.

Receives automatic updates—regardless of OS, OEM, or app updates—so your users can benefit from upgrades and bug fixes sooner.

Enables you to reach more users with less effort and provides SDKs that are backward compatible with Android 4.1 (API level 16) and are accessible on a range of form factors.

Figure 1 shows that Google Play services frequently get updates with enhancements and problem fixes.

How Google Play services works

Each Google Play services SDK offers a lightweight client library with the required APIs to communicate with that service.

Other APIs enable you to fix any problems, such missing, inoperable, or out-of-date services, at runtime.

The R8 optimizer can assist in even further reducing the footprint of each SDK and its effect on the package size of your app if you are using Android Studio 3.4 or higher and enable code shrinking.

Upgrade the SDK whenever a new version is made available in the Google Maven repository to gain access to new Google Play services features or items.


On every Android device that has been approved by Google, Google Play services are on-device Google services that operate in the background.

Independent of carrier, OS, or OEM system image changes, Google Play services receive automatic updates. In general, Android 4.1 or later-running devices get updates automatically, provided that they have Google Play services installed and enough storage. By doing so, you can reach the majority of devices in the Android ecosystem and provide users with improvements and problem fixes more quickly. Not supported are gadgets with an Android version lower than 4.1 or gadgets without Google Play services set up.

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