The latest, most comprehensive, and dazzling animation collection is now available to animation aficionados with the official introduction of the entire series of theme-charging animations.

A new charging experience is provided by the rapid and convenient operation, the clear and simple interface, and the unhindered functioning.

The charging animation will be automatically shown once the charging cable is connected once it has been established. The charging animation will appear right away on the phone’s screen without the need to manually launch the APP.

Personal settings, unique self-design, wallpaper, and custom upload charging animation >

Quick unlocking, you can access fresh, lovely charging animations in a number of practical ways.

desktop widgets, a flash, a calculator, an LED run-light, and other customised Tools

Continuous surprises, sporadic updates to animation resources, and ongoing updates to exciting content.
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There are many little features and widgets that fit our habits in addition to the clever charging animations, notification noises, and beautiful wallpapers.

Cool charging animations are available, but there are also charging notification sounds, beautiful wallpapers, and many minor features and widgets that fit our routines, making the functions effective while not burdensome.

There is always something for you because there is so much information inside! Come use it, download it, and show off by following us!