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Although it has a strong independent streak and is a fun social messaging network, Telegram isn’t as secure as some other encrypted messaging platforms.

The messaging service Telegram has evolved into something more akin to a social network for creating communities and organisations around similar interests. It’s entertaining because it offers what is arguably the best selection of stickers of any messenger.

While Telegram’s independence and commitment to privacy are admirable, some crucial business decisions have made it difficult to compare favourably against privacy-focused messaging apps with less functionality. It’s crucial to know this because Telegram prides itself on being a secure, private messaging service. There are more effective apps for sending encrypted messages notwithstanding Telegram’s advantages.

How to Start Using Telegram

You’ll need one of Telegram’s apps and a phone number to register for an account. 

Both setting up and using the service are free. 

Like other over-the-top communicators and Editors’ Choice winner Signal, Telegram needs a phone number that can receive SMS verification.

On my Android 11 phone, I had no issue authorising an account and even created a second account using my Google Voice number.

Using the Telegram Android app I tested, I quickly switched between the two accounts.

Apps for iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows are also available for Telegram.

Although you can access Telegram through a web interface, you must first sign up for an account using one of its mobile apps.

Notably, after six months of inactivity, your Telegram account deletes itself automatically, albeit you can adjust this time frame.

This feature is fantastic.

There are too many abandoned online personae among us, and each one could pose a security concern.

The Telegram app’s superiority is immediately obvious.

Everything is pleasant to use, lively, and fast.

The programme offers universal controls for the theme, background, and other elements, and it is also very configurable.

You can use the search box at the top of the screen to look up someone’s username in order to send them a message.

You can tap to speak with someone if they are already in your contacts and appear at the bottom of the screen.

Chats are routine activities.

You are familiar with how this operates if you have used an SMS app in the last twelve years.

Little speech bubbles containing your messages can be seen on the right side of the screen, while your friends’ bubbled messages can be seen on the left.

When your recipient reads a message, it is indicated with a double checkmark and a time stamp.

I was unable to figure out how to turn off this specific feature.

Additionally, I was unable to answer with an emoji, which is an unexpected oversight.

However, you can hold down the send button to send a message silently or set a message for later delivery.

From within the programme, you may send text messages along with a range of attachments, such as files, images, videos, and audio recordings.

Telegram provides surprisingly robust photo editing features that enable quick image enhancement before sending.

A timer for each photo to self-destruct can also be set.

Use the People Nearby feature to get a list of users in your general region if you’re looking for locals. Any nearby Groups can also be found here. Even though I have been online for a very long time, I was unprepared by the level of exposure in some of my (supposed) neighbours’ user pictures. It was somewhat shocking, but good for them for living their truth. Keep in mind that you can always choose not to enable.

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