Stop spending money on pricey text messages and mobile minutes!

Stop wasting time and money making international calls with calling cards!

TalkU allows you to contact anyone for free or at a low cost using WiFi and 3G/4G data networks without using any of your cell minutes. When compared to your phone carrier, you can save up to 90%.

Free actual US phone number available.
You can use your tablet as a phone.
Your phone should have an extra line.

The new way to speak, text, and share is with TalkU.

Why use TalkU?

Free Text Messages & Calls
TalkU customers can call and text each other without using any of their cell minutes.
Send free SMS and calls to any phone number in the globe!
Even when phoning from abroad, there are no roaming fees.

International Calls at Low Cost
Call any landline or cell number in more than 200 countries.
very low prices
When calling your friends or relatives, make sure to leave your phone number visible.

Clearly Visible Calls
HD voice technologies are used in TalkU’s high-quality dedicated VoIP network to transmit calls for the clearest possible sound.
No longer are free calls of poor quality!

Free U.S. Telephone
a functional, actual, local US phone number
Your phone’s second line without an additional SIM
You can use your tablet as a phone.
take calls despite poor cellphone reception

Incredible Premium Features
Instant listening to visual voicemail
Block incoming calls to prevent spam.
caller IDs
any phone number call forwarding.

And a Lot More
Record phone calls for playback in the future.
Free conference calls for groups of up to eight individuals
You can use your phone as a walkie-talkie. Drive to speak!

The best free phone and text app ever is TalkU!

Notes: TalkU subscribers alone are eligible for free SMS, text messages, and international calls.
Free minutes are available for making low-cost international calls.
TalkU uses Internet call, which also goes by the names WiFi call, IP call, or VoIP call.
TalkU doesn’t consume any of your cell minutes, in contrast to international calling cards.
Calls can be recorded using TalkU as a call recorder. A phone call recording must adhere to all applicable local and state legislation.