A free VPN client

A VPN client called SuperVPN Free Vpn Client offers a secure way to browse the internet while avoiding online tracking and geo-restrictions.

Although the service is completely free, while it is activated, information about the websites you visit is collected. It’s simple to use the client.

Full-fledged gratuity
A free alternative to several of the service’s commercial versions is SuperVPN Free Vpn Client. The application offers premium solutions that don’t require a one-time payment to access all of the features (either monthly or annually).

The software is continually being updated, with issues being fixed and client stability being improved. But according to the development team, SuperVPN will suffer if your device is in battery-optimization mode.

Secure online browsing

Before you need to reconnect to a VPN, the application forces you to work in one-hour sessions.

The software is simple to use and doesn’t require registration like many of its competitors. It comes with a 20-day premium trial that has no session timer when you first instal it, letting you browse the internet without having to worry about restarting the VPN.

The service is unrestricted in terms of bandwidth or speed, and it is devoid of malware, viruses, and other sorts of dangerous code that could damage your device.

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