An software called APK Editor allows you to do precisely what its name suggests. Any APK can be edited and saved to your device. And if you don’t already have the APK, you can extract it from any installed app.

You have two options for editing with APK Editor:

Both SIMPLE EDIT and FULL EDIT allow you to replace files within an APK. FULL EDIT allows you to rebuild files from an APK.

The second sort of editing can be completed considerably more quickly and easily than the first, which is a lot more difficult and involved procedure.

Whichever type you select, you’ll soon discover that editing an APK’s many components is really simple.

You can alter the background picture of an app, include or exclude languages, and even remove permissions. Everything is based on your level of expertise.

The app APK Editor is… hard. It can bring you a lot of joy when used properly, but not so much when used improperly. In any event, the app’s help page contains several examples and suggestions for utilising it correctly.

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