Phone Doctor Plus

You can detect hidden smartphone faults with the use of more than 30 different types of hardware and system diagnostics. You will have access to a fast and rapid trade-in channel with our market value appraisal of old smartphones, instant appraisal, and value comparison system based on the phone condition.

New “One-Tap Test,” “Battery Test,” and “Refreshed Interface” tests, as well as tests created specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

*Those selling their smartphones can use Phone Doctor Plus’s instant value appraisal and price comparison technology as well as its objective certification to help them locate the best sales channel.

Those purchasing new smartphones should immediately inspect them to help them avoid purchasing a faulty model.

Those purchasing old smartphones can easily filter out problematic models to obtain models that are both desirable and affordable.

Those who enjoy fiddling with their cellphones should perform system testing and optimization to maintain a flawless and seamless user experience.

Software capabilities:

  1. Accurate value assessment: Based on the testing outcomes, conduct value appraisal and price comparison of used cellphones and promote online trading activities.
  2. Test more than 30 different types of hardware both inside and outside: Find hidden internal issues in 3 minutes.
  3. System monitoring and optimization settings: To help you optimise your device, integrate hardware, battery, memory, and storage monitoring.
  4. Battery optimization and monitoring: Increase battery life and reduce battery usage.
  5. Monitoring of mobile data usage and status: Examine network problems to reveal mobile data usage and avoid exceeding mobile data allotment.

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