Download Recent Notification App For Android – Notification Saver App

Have you ever missed an important notification shown in your device status bar?

Not to worry! You can keep them safely via Recent Notification. When you have time, unwind and read them.
Uninstall the applications that are causing the most bothersome notifications by identifying them.

Features: – Applications are used to group notifications.
– Read the full notification data in the same format as what is displayed on the status bar. (For example, huge and normal style, inbox)

  • Simple day-based notification filtering.
  • Swipe to dismiss notifications individually or in groups.
    – outdated notifications are automatically deleted after a predetermined number of days.
    – To open the associated application, tap the notifications.
    – Utilizing Material Design, a user interface was created.

Allow notification access in the device settings to read notifications.
There are no in-app permissions needed to instal or use this application.

More details: – This application won’t read notifications sent by system applications for your security and privacy. Continuous notifications sent by music or other apps won’t be stored on the smartphone to conserve storage.

Privacy: This application’s notifications can’t be seen by anyone. This application can be used without an internet connection. This ensures that the only place where your alerts are saved is on your smartphone. COLLAPSE

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