Download PutMask – Hide Faces In Videos Automatically

Don’t Forget To Put Mask On Your Faces Before Sharing Your Videos.

With PutMask, you can safeguard your privacy and the privacy of others in the media environment for the first time by automatically and manually obscuring faces in your smart phones.

When can PutMask be helpful?

PutMask will assist you whenever you need to hide faces or anything else in a video thanks to its special characteristics.

Why is PutMask a novel approach to this problem?

*High Face Detection Power: PutMask can identify any faces, even those that are little squares (10 by 10 pixels in size) and at any angle (full face, half face). PutMask is offering you this feature for the first time on a smartphone level.

*Two-way video processing: PutMask can process videos in both directions and detect and obfuscate the faces that you want. If you tell PutMask to hide a face in any frame of your video, from the frame you set, PutMask will start processing video and face detection both in forward and backward direction at the same time (with FPS up to 300), which is also introduced by PutMask for the first time at the smartphone level!

*Hiding Manually: If you can chase something with your finger, you can hide anything.

*Using Key Frame: You can shift filters between keyframes by supplying keyframes.

*Modify Video Based On Frame Number: We provide the frame numbers so you may use our tools to edit each frame individually.

*Save Your Work: You can save the details of your editing.
Additionally, you can retrieve that data as a project in PutMask anytime you wish to make modifications or pick up where you left off.

“Your security is our main priority,” says PutMask Security. So that no data is downloaded from your phone, PutMask simply retains information about your work on your mobile device. To open and save videos on your mobile device, PutMask simply needs permission from you to read and write to the videos.

*Free & No Ads: Using this service will protect your privacy as much as possible.


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