One benefit of flagship smart phones is their edge screen and edge panel, which let users run their preferred apps, change system settings, call specific contacts, manage the music being played, view appointments on the calendar, and even access folders and files from the sidebar app. A simple sliding motion causes the sidebar to open.

You may enjoy the many advantages of edge launcher on your phone or tablet thanks to Edge Action – Edge Screen, which as the name says, brings this fantastic feature to practically all devices. Therefore, you may experience the edge launcher and features on your non-edge phone by downloading Edge Action – Edge Screen for free to your device.

What can be anticipated from Edge Screen and Edge Action?

Edge Action – Edge Screen is a free sidebar programme with a simple and intuitive layout that allows even a non-technical person to understand the concept. Simply provide the necessary rights, personalise the edge panels, and launch several side panels to access your favourite apps, change system settings, activate a music player, and do a lot more.

This is a list of the edge displays that are accessible from everywhere.

Applications: Add your most often used and preferred applications to the sidebar panel. To access them, simply slide open the Add Edge panel.

Contacts – How do you often contact your regular contacts via phone or message? Why not include them in the Contact Edge panel so that you can reach them from anywhere?

Your phone is too big to open the notification panel with one hand, according to Quick Settings? Try switching the system settings in the sidebar app.

Virtual Keys – Do your phone’s actual buttons occasionally malfunction? The Virtual Keys panel, on the other hand, gives you software buttons for Home, Back, Screen recorder, Screen capture, and Power.

Calendar: Accessing your meetings, events, and appointments has never been simpler.

Calculator – You can conduct calculations fast and easily with the aid of a simple calculator.

What is the coolest and simplest way to control the music playing on Edge Music Player? Let’s test out the edge music player now.

You can simply manage and access your files and folders from the edge panels using Edge File Explorer.

Note that you might need to grant specific permissions based on the sidebar app you add to your edge panel. We don’t gather any personal data; the permissions are only used to make the app work.

The moment is here to increase your productivity.

You no longer need to add many shortcuts to system settings and programmes on the home screen for quick access once you have fully customised the edge launcher and added the necessary sidebar apps to the panel.

Because the Home, Back, and Recent buttons, as well as the notification panel, are all within reach, you can once more use your phone with one hand.

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