Audacity For PC / Laptop

Multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems, Audacity is simple to use. developed as open source by a team of volunteers.

  • Recording from any actual or virtual audio source that the host system is capable of supporting.
  • With FFmpeg, you may export and import a broad variety of audio formats.
  • 32-bit float audio processing is high quality.
  • Plug-ins support for a variety of audio plug-in formats, such as VST and LV2.
  • Macros for batch processing and command chaining.
  • Python, Perl, or any other scripting language that supports named pipes.
  • Nyquist extremely robust internal scripting language that may also be used to build plug-ins.
  • Editing multi-track recordings using variable sample rates and sample precision.
  • Compatibility with VI users.
  • Tools for analysing and visualising audio and other signal data

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