Mi Notebook 14 With 10th Gen Intel Core i3 Processor Launching in India Soon

Mi Notebook 14 with 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor will be launched in India soon.

The company had launched the Mi Notebook 14 and the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition in India back in June. These come with Intel’s 10th Gen Core i5 and Core i7 processors. The upcoming version of the Mi Notebook 14 will add an Intel Core i3 processor variant to the mix and is likely to be priced lower than the current models.

As per Jain’s tweet, the new Mi Notebook 14 variant will also have a built-in webcam, unlike in the Core i5 powered Mi Notebook 14 and the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition that are shipped with an external webcam.

The new model will have 256GB of storage presumably with one of the configurations and weigh 1.5kg. The image with the tweet indicates that the design of the new Notebook 14 will be very similar to its previous models with a slim bezel screen and a sleek body. As the name suggests, the new variant will also feature a 14-inch display.

While Jain has not shared the release date, the tweet mentions the new Mi Notebook 14 is coming soon. “So soon, that you should wait for this one before making your next NoteBook purchase,” reads the tweet. There might also be some discounts and offers on the upcoming Mi Notebook 14 for the festive season.

The new Mi Notebook 14 will most likely be priced lower than the other i5 and i7 models. The Mi Notebook 14 with the 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor starts at Rs. 41,999 for the 8GB + 256GB model.

The Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition starts at Rs. 51,999 for the Core i5, 8GB+512GB model. And just like the older Mi Notebook 14, the new variant might also come an Nvidia graphics card option.

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