Lenovo Smart Clock Essential With Built-in Google Assistant Launched

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has been launched as a smaller, more affordable version of the Lenovo Smart Clock. It offers full voice support with built-in Google Assistant, and “goes with every room and every mood,” as per the company. Besides setting alarms, the Smart Clock Essential lets you set reminders, create shopping lists, check the weather and temperature, and control other smart devices in the house. The smart clock will be available for purchase starting this month.

Lenovo said that with the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, you will be able to check the LED display for real-time information from almost any angle or brightness through an ambient light sensor. Alternately, you can use Google Assistant and ask for the time, too.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential comes at a price of EUR 59.99 (roughly Rs. 5,200) and will be available for purchase starting this month.

Alarms can be set using either voice or buttons. The Smart Watch Essential comes with a built-in night light and an integrated USB port that makes it a helpful night-time companion.

“Lenovo Smart Clock Essential extends the same hands-free, time-saving convenience to the rest of the home, offering full voice support with Google Assistant,” Lenovo said in a statement.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential can also be used to control other smart home devices. Using the smart clock and Google Assistant, you can give demands to dim the lights, play music and podcasts, set reminders, and more.

This product is the upgraded version of the Lenovo Smart Clock that was launched last year.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential specifications

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential comes with a 4-inch LED display that has 31 lumens of brightness and is powered by an Amlogic A113X SoC. There is also a 1.5-inch 3W speaker, along with two microphones. The smart speaker comes with 4GB of RAM and 512MB of eMMC storage. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth v5.0. Besides, you’ll get dedicated buttons, namely microphone mute toggle, play, alarm, and volume controls. Besides, the speaker measures 121x64x83mm and weighs 240 grams.

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